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NE_MALLOC(3)				neon API reference			     NE_MALLOC(3)

       ne_malloc,  ne_calloc, ne_realloc, ne_strdup, ne_strndup, ne_oom_callback - memory alloca-
       tion wrappers

       #include <ne_alloc.h>

       void *ne_malloc (size_t size);

       void *ne_calloc (size_t size);

       void *ne_realloc (void *size, size_t len);

       char *ne_strdup (const char *s, size_t size);

       char *ne_strndup (const char *s, size_t size);

       void ne_oom_callback (void (*callback)(void));

       The functions ne_malloc, ne_calloc, ne_realloc, ne_strdup and ne_strdnup provide  wrappers
       for  the  equivalent  functions	in the standard C library. The wrappers provide the extra
       guarantee that if the C library equivalent returns NULL when no memory  is  available,  an
       optional callback will be called, and the library will then call abort().

       ne_oom_callback	registers  a  callback which will be invoked if an out of memory error is

       If the operating system uses optimistic memory allocation, the C library memory allocation
       routines  will  not return NULL, so it is not possible to gracefully handle memory alloca-
       tion failures.

       Joe Orton <neon@webdav.org>.

neon 0.23.5				  8 October 2002			     NE_MALLOC(3)
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