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NE_ADD_REQUEST_HEAD(3)			neon API reference		   NE_ADD_REQUEST_HEAD(3)

       ne_add_request_header, ne_print_request_header - add headers to a request

       #include <ne_request.h>

       void ne_add_request_header (ne_request *request, const char *name, const char *value);

       void ne_print_request_header (ne_request *request, const char *name, const char *format,

       The functions ne_add_request_header and ne_print_request_header can be used to add headers
       to a request, before it is sent.

       ne_add_request_header simply adds a header of given name, with given value.

       ne_print_request_header adds a header of given name, taking the value from the printf-like
       format string parameter and subsequent variable-length argument list.


       Joe Orton <neon@webdav.org>.

neon 0.23.5				  8 October 2002		   NE_ADD_REQUEST_HEAD(3)
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