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NAN(3)				       libc math functions				   NAN(3)

       nan, nanf, nanl - return 'Not a Number'

       #include <math.h>

       double nan(const char *tagp);

       float nanf(const char *tagp);

       long double nanl(const char *tagp);

       These functions return a representation (determined by tagp) of a quiet NaN. If the imple-
       mentation does not support quiet NaNs, these functions return zero.

       The call nan("char-sequence") is equivalent to strtod ("NAN(char-sequence)",NULL) and sim-
       ilarly calls to nanf and nanl are equivalent to analogous calls to strtof and strtold.

       The  argument  tagp is used in an unspecified manner.  On IEEE 754 systems, there are many
       representations of NaN, and tagp selects one.  On other systems it may do nothing.

       C99. See also IEC 559 and the appendix with recommended functions in IEEE 754/IEEE 854.

       isnan(3), strtod(3)

GNU					    2002-08-10					   NAN(3)
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