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ISINF(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual				 ISINF(3)

       isinf, isnan, finite - test for infinity or not-a-number (NaN)

       #include <math.h>

       int isinf(double value);

       int isnan(double value);

       int finite(double value);

       The  isinf()  function returns -1 if value represents negative infinity, 1 if value repre-
       sents positive infinity, and 0 otherwise.

       The isnan() function returns a non-zero value if value is "not-a-number" (NaN), and 0 oth-

       The  finite() function returns a non-zero value if value is neither infinite nor a "not-a-
       number" (NaN) value, and 0 otherwise.

       BSD 4.3

GNU					    1993-06-02					 ISINF(3)
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