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ICONV_OPEN(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual			    ICONV_OPEN(3)

       iconv_open - allocate descriptor for character set conversion

       #include <iconv.h>

       iconv_t iconv_open(const char *tocode, const char *fromcode);

       The  iconv_open	function  allocates  a conversion descriptor suitable for converting byte
       sequences from character encoding fromcode to character encoding tocode.

       The values permitted for fromcode and tocode and the  supported	combinations  are  system
       dependent. For the GNU C library, the permitted values are listed by the iconv --list com-
       mand, and all combinations of the listed values are supported.

       The resulting conversion descriptor can be used with iconv any number of times. It remains
       valid until deallocated using iconv_close.

       A  conversion descriptor contains a conversion state. After creation using iconv_open, the
       state is in the initial state. Using iconv modifies  the  descriptor's  conversion  state.
       (This  implies that a conversion descriptor can not be used in multiple threads simultane-
       ously.) To bring the state back to the initial state, use iconv with NULL as  inbuf  argu-

       The  iconv_open	function  returns  a  freshly allocated conversion descriptor. In case of
       error, it sets errno and returns (iconv_t)(-1).

       The following error can occur, among others:

       EINVAL The conversion from fromcode to tocode is not supported by the implementation.


       iconv(3), iconv_close(3), iconv(1)

GNU					    1999-11-27				    ICONV_OPEN(3)
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