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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for glutpositionwindow (redhat section 3glut)

glutPositionWindow(3GLUT)					       GLUT						 glutPositionWindow(3GLUT)

glutPositionWindow - requests a change to the position of the current window.
void glutPositionWindow(int x, int y);
x New X location of window in pixels. y New Y location of window in pixels.
glutPositionWindow requests a change in the position of the current window. For top-level windows, the x and y parameters are pixel offsets from the screen origin. For subwindows, the x and y parameters are pixel offsets from the window's parent window origin. The requests by glutPositionWindow are not processed immediately. The request is executed after returning to the main event loop. This allows multiple glutPositionWindow, glutReshapeWindow, and glutFullScreen requests to the same window to be coalesced. In the case of top-level windows, a glutPositionWindow call is considered only a request for positioning the window. The window system is free to apply its own policies to top-level window placement. The intent is that top-level windows should be repositioned according glut- PositionWindow's parameters. glutPositionWindow disables the full screen status of a window if previously enabled.
glutInitWindowPosition, glutReshapeWindow
Mark J. Kilgard (
3.7 glutPositionWindow(3GLUT)

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