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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for glutkeyboardfunc (redhat section 3glut)

glutKeyboardFunc(3GLUT) 					       GLUT						   glutKeyboardFunc(3GLUT)

glutKeyboardFunc - sets the keyboard callback for the current window.
void glutKeyboardFunc(void (*func)(unsigned char key, int x, int y));
func The new keyboard callback function.
glutKeyboardFunc sets the keyboard callback for the current window. When a user types into the window, each key press generating an ASCII character will generate a keyboard callback. The key callback parameter is the generated ASCII character. The state of modifier keys such as Shift cannot be determined directly; their only effect will be on the returned ASCII data. The x and y callback parameters indicate the mouse location in window relative coordinates when the key was pressed. When a new window is created, no keyboard callback is initially registered, and ASCII key strokes in the window are ignored. Passing NULL to glutKeyboardFunc disables the generation of keyboard call- backs. During a keyboard callback, glutGetModifiers may be called to determine the state of modifier keys when the keystroke generating the call- back occurred. Use glutSpecialFunc for a means to detect non-ASCII key strokes.
glutKeyboardUpFunc, glutSpecialFunc, glutCreateWindow, glutMouseFunc, glutSpaceballButtonFunc, glutButtonBoxFunc, glutTabletButtonFunc, glutGetModifiers
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3.7 glutKeyboardFunc(3GLUT)

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