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basewidget(3)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation		    basewidget(3)

       Gimp::basewidget - pragma to declare the superclass of a gtk widget

	 use Gimp::basewidget 'superclass';


	 use Gimp::basewidget Gtk::Button;

       This pragma can (but does not need to) be used to declare the current package as a child-
       class of an existing Gtk widget class. The only "import tag" must be the name of the
       existing superclass.

       The module automatically registers a subtype, calls a special callback at gtk initializa-
       tion time and provides default implementations for some common methods (the list might
       grow in the future to enhance settor/gettor functionality).

       The following methods are provided. All of them can be overriden in your package.

       new A simple generic new constructor is provided. It will simply call "Gtk::Object::new"
	   with all the provided arguments.

	   This callback is called as early as possible after gtk was initialized, but not
	   before. This can be used to register additional subtypes, argument types etc. It is
	   similar to GTK_CLASS_INIT.

	   Unlike the standard Gtk-callback of the same name, this method can be omitted in your
	   package (while still being a valid Widget).

	   This callback can also be omitted, but this rarely makes sense ;)

       This was a pain to implement, you will not believe this when looking at the code, though.

       Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com>.

       perl(1), Gimp, Gimp::UI, Gtk.

perl v5.8.0				    2001-12-06				    basewidget(3)
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