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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xtappgetselectiontimeout (redhat section 3xt)

XtAppGetSelectionTimeout(3Xt)					   XT FUNCTIONS 				     XtAppGetSelectionTimeout(3Xt)

XtAppGetSelectionTimeout, XtAppSetSelectionTimeout - set and obtain selection timeout values
unsigned long XtAppGetSelectionTimeout(app_context) XtAppContext app_context; void XtAppSetSelectionTimeout(app_context, timeout) XtAppContext app_context; unsigned long timeout;
app_context Specifies the application context. timeout Specifies the selection timeout in milliseconds.
The XtAppGetSelectionTimeout function returns the current selection timeout value, in milliseconds. The selection timeout is the time within which the two communicating applications must respond to one another. The initial timeout value is set by the selectionTimeout application resource, or, if selectionTimeout is not specified, it defaults to five seconds. The XtAppSetSelectionTimeout function sets the Intrinsics's selection timeout mechanism. Note that most applications should not set the selection timeout.
XtOwnSelection(3Xt) X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface Xlib - C Language X Interface X Version 11 Release 6.6 XtAppGetSelectionTimeout(3Xt)

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