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XmTextFieldRemove(library call) 				  XmTextFieldRemove(library call)

       XmTextFieldRemove -- A TextField function that deletes the primary selection

       #include <Xm/TextF.h>
       Boolean XmTextFieldRemove(
       Widget widget);

       XmTextFieldRemove  deletes  the primary selected text.  If there is a selection, this rou-
       tine also calls the widget's XmNvalueChangedCallback and  verification  callbacks,  either
       XmNmodifyVerifyCallback or XmNmodifyVerifyCallbackWcs, or both. If both verification call-
       back lists are registered, the procedures of the XmNmodifyVerifyCallback list are executed
       first  and the resulting data is passed to the XmNmodifyVerifyCallbackWcs callbacks.  This
       function may also call the XmNmotionVerifyCallback callback.

       widget	 Specifies the TextField widget ID.

       For a complete definition of TextField and its associated resources, see XmTextField(3).

       This function returns False if the primary selection is NULL or if the widget does not own
       the primary selection. Otherwise, it returns True.


								  XmTextFieldRemove(library call)
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