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The shared bus between the program memory and data memory leads to the von Neumann bottleneck, the limited throughput (data transfer rate) between the CPU and memory compared to the amount of memory.
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SSL_library_init(3)						      OpenSSL						       SSL_library_init(3)

SSL_library_init, OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms, SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms - initialize SSL library by registering algorithms SYNOPSIS
#include <openssl/ssl.h> int SSL_library_init(void); #define OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms() SSL_library_init() #define SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms() SSL_library_init() DESCRIPTION
SSL_library_init() registers the available ciphers and digests. OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms() and SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms() are synonyms for SSL_library_init(). NOTES
SSL_library_init() must be called before any other action takes place. WARNING
SSL_library_init() only registers ciphers. Another important initialization is the seeding of the PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator), which has to be performed separately. EXAMPLES
A typical TLS/SSL application will start with the library initialization, will provide readable error messages and will seed the PRNG. SSL_load_error_strings(); /* readable error messages */ SSL_library_init(); /* initialize library */ actions_to_seed_PRNG(); RETURN VALUES
SSL_library_init() always returns "1", so it is safe to discard the return value. SEE ALSO
ssl(3), SSL_load_error_strings(3), RAND_add(3) 0.9.7a 2000-09-21 SSL_library_init(3)

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