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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for ssl_rstate_string_long (redhat section 3)

SSL_rstate_string(3)						      OpenSSL						      SSL_rstate_string(3)

SSL_rstate_string, SSL_rstate_string_long - get textual description of state of an SSL object during read operation
#include <openssl/ssl.h> const char *SSL_rstate_string(SSL *ssl); const char *SSL_rstate_string_long(SSL *ssl);
SSL_rstate_string() returns a 2 letter string indicating the current read state of the SSL object ssl. SSL_rstate_string_long() returns a string indicating the current read state of the SSL object ssl.
When performing a read operation, the SSL/TLS engine must parse the record, consisting of header and body. When working in a blocking envi- ronment, SSL_rstate_string[_long]() should always return "RD"/"read done". This function should only seldom be needed in applications.
SSL_rstate_string() and SSL_rstate_string_long() can return the following values: "RH"/"read header" The header of the record is being evaluated. "RB"/"read body" The body of the record is being evaluated. "RD"/"read done" The record has been completely processed. "unknown"/"unknown" The read state is unknown. This should never happen.
ssl(3) 0.9.7a 2001-08-23 SSL_rstate_string(3)

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