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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pdl::lvalue (redhat section 3)

Lvalue(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						 Lvalue(3)

PDL::Lvalue - declare PDL lvalue subs
Declares a subset of PDL functions so that they can be used as lvalue subs. In particular, this allows simpler constructs such as $a->slice(',(0)') .= 1; instead of the clumsy (my $tmp = $a->slice(',(0)')) .= 1; This will only work if your perl supports lvalue subroutines (i.e. versions >= v5.6.0). Note that lvalue subroutines are currently regarded experimental.
use PDL::Lvalue; # automatically done with all PDL loaders
subs test if routine is a known PDL lvalue sub print "slice is an lvalue sub" if PDL::Lvalue->subs('slice'); returns the list of PDL lvalue subs if no routine name is given, e.g. @lvfuncs = PDL::Lvalue->subs; It can be used in scalar context to find out if your PDL has lvalue subs: print 'has lvalue subs' if PDL::Lvalue->subs;
Copyright (C) 2001 Christian Soeller ( All rights reserved. There is no warranty. You are allowed to redistribute this software / documentation under certain conditions. For details, see the file COPYING in the PDL distribution. If this file is sepa- rated from the PDL distribution, the copyright notice should be included in the file. perl v5.8.0 2002-05-07 Lvalue(3)

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