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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pdl::doc::perldl (redhat section 3)

Doc::Perldl(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					    Doc::Perldl(3)

PDL::Doc::Perldl - commands for accessing PDL doc database from 'perldl' shell
This module provides a simple set of functions to access the PDL documentation of database, for use from the perldl shell and the pdldoc command-line program. Currently, multiple matches are not handled very well.
use PDL::Doc::Perldl; # Load all documenation functions
apropos Regex search PDL documentation database apropos 'text' perldl> apropos 'pic' rpic Read images in many formats with automatic format detection. rpiccan Test which image formats can be read/written wmpeg Write an image sequence ((x,y,n) piddle) as an MPEG animation. wpic Write images in many formats with automatic format selection. wpiccan Test which image formats can be read/written To find all the manuals that come with PDL, try apropos 'manual:' and to get quick info about PDL modules say apropos 'module:' You get more detailed info about a PDL function/module/manual with the "help" function usage Prints usage information for a PDL function Usage: usage 'func' perldl> usage 'inner' inner inner prodcuct over one dimension (Module PDL::Primitive) Signature: inner(a(n); b(n); [o]c(); ) sig prints signature of PDL function sig 'func' The signature is the normal dimensionality of the functions arguments. Calling with different dimensions causes 'threading' - see "PDL::PP" for more details. perldl> sig 'outer' Signature: outer(a(n); b(m); [o]c(n,m); ) help print documentation about a PDL function or module or show a PDL manual In the case of multiple matches, the first command found is printed out, and the remaining commands listed, along with the names of their modules. Usage: help 'func' perldl> help 'PDL::Slices' # show the docs in the PDL::Slices module perldl> help 'PDL::Intro' # show the PDL::Intro manual perldl> help 'slice' # show docs on the 'slice' function badinfo provides information on the bad-value support of a function And has a horrible name. badinfo 'func' perl v5.8.0 2000-11-03 Doc::Perldl(3)

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