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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pdl::bad (redhat section 3)

Bad(3)							User Contributed Perl Documentation						    Bad(3)

PDL::Bad - PDL does not process bad values
PDL has been compiled with WITH_BADVAL either 0 or undef, so it does not contain any bad-value support code. Actually, a number of methods are defined, but they are only placeholders to make writing other code, that has to handle WITH_BADVAL being true or false, easier. Implementation details are given in PDL::BadValues.
use PDL::Bad; print "\nBad value support in PDL is turned " . $PDL::Bad::Status ? "on" : "off" . ".\n"; Bad value support in PDL is turned off.
There are currently two variables that this module defines which may be of use. $PDL::Bad::Status Set to 0 $PDL::Bad::UseNaN Set to 0
Doug Burke (, 2000, 2001. All rights reserved. There is no warranty. You are allowed to redistribute this software / documentation under certain conditions. For details, see the file COPYING in the PDL distribution. If this file is separated from the PDL distribution, the copyright notice should be included in the file. perl v5.8.0 2003-01-29 Bad(3)

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