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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for mrmregisternamesinhierarchy (redhat section 3)

MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy(library call)								 MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy(library call)

MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy -- Registers the values associated with the names referenced in UIL within a single hierarchy (for example, UIL callback function names or UIL identifier names)
#include <Mrm/MrmPublic.h> Cardinal MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy( MrmHierarchy hierarchy_id, MrmRegisterArglist register_list, MrmCount register_count);
The MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy function registers a vector of names and associated values for access in MRM. The values can be callback functions, pointers to user-defined data, or any other values. The information provided is used to resolve symbolic references occurring in UID files to their run-time values. For callbacks, this information provides the procedure address required by the Motif Toolkit. For names used as identifiers in UIL, this information provides any run-time mapping the application needs. This function is similar to MrmRegisterNames, except that the scope of the names registered by MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy is limited to the hierarchy specified by hierarchy_id, whereas the names registered by MrmRegisterNames have global scope. When MRM looks up a name, it first tries to find the name among those registered for the given hierarchy. If that lookup fails, it tries to find the name among those registered globally. hierarchy_id Specifies the hierarchy with which the names are to be associated. register_list Specifies a list of name/value pairs for the names to be registered. Each name is a case-sensitive, NULL-terminated ASCII string. Each value is a 32-bit quantity, interpreted as a procedure address if the name is a callback function, and uninter- preted otherwise. register_count Specifies the number of entries in register_list. The names in the list are case-sensitive. The list can be either ordered or unordered. Callback functions registered through MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy can be either regular or creation callbacks. Regular callbacks have dec- larations determined by Motif Toolkit and user requirements. Creation callbacks have the same format as any other callback: void CallBackProc( Widget *widget_id, Opaque tag, XmAnyCallbackStruct *callback_data); widget_id Specifies the widget ID associated with the widget performing the callback (as in any callback function). tag Specifies the tag value (as in any callback function). callback_data Specifies a widget-specific data structure. This data structure has a minimum of two members: event and reason. The reason mem- ber is always set to MrmCR_CREATE. Note that the widget name and parent are available from the widget record accessible through widget_id.
This function returns one of the following status return constants: MrmSUCCESS The function executed successfully. MrmFAILURE The function failed. MrmRegisterNamesInHierarchy(library call)

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