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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for mrmregisterclass (redhat section 3)

MrmRegisterClass(library call)											    MrmRegisterClass(library call)

MrmRegisterClass -- Saves the information needed for MRM to access the widget creation function for user-defined widgets
#include <Mrm/MrmPublic.h> Cardinal MrmRegisterClass( MrmType class_code, String class_name, String create_name, Widget (*create_proc) (), WidgetClass class_record);
The MrmRegisterClass function allows MRM to access user-defined widget classes. This function registers the necessary information for MRM to create widgets of this class. You must call MrmRegisterClass prior to fetching any user-defined class widget. MrmRegisterClass saves the information needed to access the widget creation function and to do type conversion of argument lists by using the information in MRM databases. class_code This argument is ignored; it is present for compatibility with previous releases. class_name This argument is ignored; it is present for compatibility with previous releases. create_name Specifies the case-sensitive name of the low-level widget creation function for the class. An example from the Motif Toolkit is XmCreateLabel. Arguments are parent_widget, name, override_arglist, and override_argcount. For user-defined widgets, create_name is the creation procedure in the UIL that defines this widget. create_proc Specifies the address of the creation function that you named in create_name. class_record Specifies a pointer to the class record.
This function returns one of the following status return constants: MrmSUCCESS The function executed successfully. MrmFAILURE The function failed. MrmRegisterClass(library call)

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