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SoEventManager(3)						       Coin							 SoEventManager(3)

SoEventManager - The SoEventManager class provides event handling for a Coin3D viewer.
#include <Inventor/SoEventManager.h> Public Types enum NavigationState { NO_NAVIGATION, JUST_NAVIGATION, MIXED_NAVIGATION } Public Member Functions virtual ~SoEventManager () virtual void setSceneGraph (SoNode *const sceneroot) virtual SoNode * getSceneGraph (void) const virtual void setCamera (SoCamera *camera) virtual SoCamera * getCamera (void) const virtual SbBool processEvent (const SoEvent *const event) virtual void setNavigationState (NavigationState state) virtual NavigationState getNavigationState (void) const int getNumSoScXMLStateMachines (void) const SoScXMLStateMachine * getSoScXMLStateMachine (int idx) const void addSoScXMLStateMachine (SoScXMLStateMachine *sm) void removeSoScXMLStateMachine (SoScXMLStateMachine *sm) virtual void setSize (const SbVec2s &newsize) virtual void setOrigin (const SbVec2s &newOrigin) virtual void setViewportRegion (const SbViewportRegion &newregion) const SbViewportRegion & getViewportRegion (void) const virtual void setHandleEventAction (SoHandleEventAction *hea) virtual SoHandleEventAction * getHandleEventAction (void) const Protected Member Functions virtual SbBool actuallyProcessEvent (const SoEvent *const event) Detailed Description The SoEventManager class provides event handling for a Coin3D viewer. It receives Coin events (typically translated from GUI events by the GUI binding in use) and passes them to the state machine or directly to the scene graph depending on the navigation mode. SoEventManager implements the event interface for the Coin3D navigation system based on ScXML. SoEventManager and SoRenderManager together supersede SoSceneManager, which is now just a wrapper around these classes. The class is used by the QuarterWidget in Quarter (the Qt binding for Coin3D). Member Enumeration Documentation enum SoEventManager::NavigationState Sets how events are handled. Enumerator: NO_NAVIGATION Forwards the events only to the scene graph. JUST_NAVIGATION Forwards the events only to the state machines. MIXED_NAVIGATION Forwards the events to the scene graph first. If it does not get handled, the events get forwarded to the state machines. Constructor &;amp; Destructor Documentation SoEventManager::~SoEventManager () [virtual] Destructor. The destructor destructs all subobjects it still has handles on when invoked. Member Function Documentation void SoEventManager::setSceneGraph (SoNode *constsceneroot) [virtual] Set the node which is top of the scene graph we're managing. The sceneroot node reference count will be increased by 1, and any previously set scene graph top node will have it's reference count decreased by 1. See also: getSceneGraph SoNode * SoEventManager::getSceneGraph (void) const [virtual] Returns pointer to root of scene graph. void SoEventManager::setCamera (SoCamera *camera) [virtual] Sets the camera to be used. SoCamera * SoEventManager::getCamera (void) const [virtual] Returns the current camera. SbBool SoEventManager::processEvent (const SoEvent *constevent) [virtual] Handles the event. Depending on the navigation state, this forwards the event to the state machines and/or the scene graph. void SoEventManager::setNavigationState (NavigationStatestate) [virtual] This method sets the navigation mode of the scene manager. The navigation mode decides the system the user uses to navigate the 3D model. SoEventManager::NO_NAVIGATION is the default setting. See also: SoEventManager::NavigationState, getNavigationState SoEventManager::NavigationState SoEventManager::getNavigationState (void) const [virtual] This method returns which state the camera navigation system is in. See also: SoEventManager::NavigationState, setNavigationState int SoEventManager::getNumSoScXMLStateMachines (void) const Returns the number of SCXML state machines registered on the SoEventManager object. SoScXMLStateMachine * SoEventManager::getSoScXMLStateMachine (intidx) const Returns the pointer to the Nth (idx) SCXML state machine registered on the SoSceneManager object. The idx argument must be a valid index, not outside the actual range of SCXML state machine object indices. void SoEventManager::addSoScXMLStateMachine (SoScXMLStateMachine *sm) Adds an SCXML state machine object to the SoEventManager's event pipeline. If it is not removed before SoSceneManager destruction, the SoSceneManager destructor will delete it. void SoEventManager::removeSoScXMLStateMachine (SoScXMLStateMachine *sm) Removes the SoSceneManager object reference to an SCXML state machine. It will just be removed, not destructed. If no reference to the given SCXML state machine exists, nothing will happen. void SoEventManager::setSize (const SbVec2s &newsize) [virtual] Set size of rendering area for the viewport within the current window. void SoEventManager::setOrigin (const SbVec2s &newOrigin) [virtual] Set only the origin of the viewport region within the rendering window. See also: setViewportRegion(), setWindowSize() void SoEventManager::setViewportRegion (const SbViewportRegion &newregion) [virtual] Sets the current viewport region. This will overwrite the default viewport region created in the constructor. See also: getViewportRegion() const SbViewportRegion & SoEventManager::getViewportRegion (void) const Returns the viewport region used by the event manager. void SoEventManager::setHandleEventAction (SoHandleEventAction *handleeventaction) [virtual] Set the action to use for event handling. Overrides the default action made in the constructor. SoHandleEventAction * SoEventManager::getHandleEventAction (void) const [virtual] Returns pointer to event handler action. SbBool SoEventManager::actuallyProcessEvent (const SoEvent *constevent) [protected], [virtual] Forwards the event to the scene graph. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Coin from the source code. Version 3.1.3 Wed May 23 2012 SoEventManager(3)

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