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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for gimp::basewidget (redhat section 3)

basewidget(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     basewidget(3)

Gimp::basewidget - pragma to declare the superclass of a gtk widget
use Gimp::basewidget 'superclass'; e.g. use Gimp::basewidget Gtk::Button;
This pragma can (but does not need to) be used to declare the current package as a childclass of an existing Gtk widget class. The only "import tag" must be the name of the existing superclass. The module automatically registers a subtype, calls a special callback at gtk initialization time and provides default implementations for some common methods (the list might grow in the future to enhance settor/gettor functionality). The following methods are provided. All of them can be overriden in your package. new A simple generic new constructor is provided. It will simply call "Gtk::Object::new" with all the provided arguments. GTK_INIT This callback is called as early as possible after gtk was initialized, but not before. This can be used to register additional sub- types, argument types etc. It is similar to GTK_CLASS_INIT. GTK_CLASS_INIT Unlike the standard Gtk-callback of the same name, this method can be omitted in your package (while still being a valid Widget). GTK_OBJECT_INIT This callback can also be omitted, but this rarely makes sense ;)
This was a pain to implement, you will not believe this when looking at the code, though.
Marc Lehmann <>.
perl(1), Gimp, Gimp::UI, Gtk. perl v5.8.0 2001-12-06 basewidget(3)

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