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Compat(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						 Compat(3)

Gimp::Compat - compatibility functions for older versions of Gimp.
<loaded automatically on demand>
Older versions of Gimp (version 1.0 at the time of this writing) lack some very important or useful functions. This module is providing the most needed replacement functions. If you happen to miss a function then please create a replacement function and send it to me ;) These functions are handled in exactly the same way as PDB-Functions, i.e. the (hypothetical) function "gimp_image_xyzzy" can be called as $image->xyzzy, if the module is available.
gimp_text_fontname, gimp_get_extents_fontname These are emulated in 1.0. gimp_paintbrush The last two arguments only available in 1.1 are simply dropped.
Various, Dov Grobgeld <>. The author of the Gimp-Perl extension (contact him to include new functions) is Marc Lehmann <> perl v5.8.0 2001-12-06 Compat(3)

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