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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for index (plan9 section 2)

0intro	0intro	intro  0intro abort abort abs abs labs abs access
access Dx add Dy add Pt add Rect add Rpt add add add div add eqpt
add  eqrect  add  inset add mul add ptinrect add raddp add rcanon
add rdiv add rectXrect add rectclip add rectinrect add	rmul  add
rshift	add  rsubp  add  sub add ARGBEGIN arg ARGC arg ARGEND arg
ARGF arg arg arg arginit arg argopt arg atof atof atoi atof  atol
atof  charstod	atof  strtod atof strtol atof strtoul atof amount
auth auth auth authdial auth  authenticate  auth  chalreply  auth
convA2M  auth  convM2A	auth  convM2PR auth convM2T auth convM2TR
auth convPR2M auth convT2M auth convTR2M auth getchal auth  newns
auth  nvcsum auth passtokey auth srvauth auth balloc balloc bfree
balloc rdbitmap balloc rdbitmapfile balloc  wrbitmap  balloc  wr-
bitmapfile balloc bind bind mount bind unmount bind Bbuffered bio
Bfildes bio Bflush bio Bgetc bio Bgetd bio Bgetrune bio Binit bio
Binits	bio  Blinelen  bio Boffset bio Bopen bio Bprint bio Bputc
bio Bputrune bio Brdline  bio  Bread  bio  Bseek  bio  Bterm  bio
Bungetc  bio  Bungetrune  bio Bwrite bio bio bio Fcode bitblt arc
bitblt bitblt bitblt bitbltclip bitblt border bitblt circle  bit-
blt clipline bitblt disc bitblt ellipse bitblt point bitblt poly-
segment bitblt segment bitblt string bitblt strsize  bitblt  str-
width  bitblt  texture	bitblt	brk  brk sbrk brk Font cachechars
Fontchar  cachechars  Subfont	cachechars   agefont   cachechars
cachechars  cachechars	loadchar  cachechars  chdir chdir cputime
cputime times cputime asctime ctime ctime ctime gmtime ctime  lo-
caltime  ctime timezone ctime _tolower ctype _toupper ctype ctype
ctype isalnum ctype isalpha ctype isascii ctype iscntrl ctype is-
digit  ctype  isgraph  ctype  islower ctype isprint ctype ispunct
ctype isspace ctype isupper ctype isxdigit  ctype  toascii  ctype
tolower ctype toupper ctype beieee80ftos debugger beieeedftos de-
bugger beieeesftos debugger ciscframe debugger cisctrace debugger
debugger  debugger  debugger fpformat debugger debugger ieeedftos
debugger ieeesftos  debugger  leieee80ftos  leieeedftos  debugger
leieeesftos  debugger localaddr debugger riscframe debugger risc-
trace debugger symoff accept dial announce dial dial dial  hangup
dial  listen  dial netmkaddr dial reject dial dirread dirread dup
dup decrypt  encrypt  encrypt  encrypt	netcrypt  encrypt  errstr
errstr	werrstr errstr Event event Menu event Mouse event ecankbd
event ecanmouse event  ecanread  event	einit  event  ekbd  event
emouse	event  eread  event  ereshaped	event estart event etimer
event event event getrect event menuhit event  _clock  exec  exec
exec  execl exec _exits exits atexit exits atexitdont exits exits
exits terminate exits exp exp log exp log10 exp pow exp pow10 exp
sqrt  exp  Fcall  fcall convD2M fcall convM2D fcall convM2S fcall
convS2M fcall dirconv fcall dirmodeconv fcall fcall fcall  fcall-
conv  fcall  getS fcall fgetc fgetc fgets fgetc fputc fgetc fputs
fgetc fread fgetc fwrite fgetc	getc  fgetc  getchar  fgetc  gets
fgetc putc fgetc putchar fgetc puts fgetc ungetc fgetc ceil floor
fabs floor floor floor fmod floor  clearerr  fopen  fclose  fopen
fdopen	fopen  feof fopen ferror fopen fflush fopen fgetpos fopen
fileno fopen fopen fopen freopen fopen fseek fopen fsetpos  fopen
ftell  fopen rewind fopen sclose fopen setbuf fopen setvbuf fopen
sopenr fopen sopenw fopen fork fork rfork  fork  fprintf  fprintf
printf	fprintf  sprintf fprintf vfprintf fprintf vprintf fprintf
vsprintf fprintf  frame  frame	frcharofpt  frame  frclear  frame
frdelete  frame  frgetmouse  frame  frinit  frame  frinsert frame
frptofchar frame frselect frame frselectf frame  frselectp  frame
frsetrects frame frexp frexp ldexp frexp modf frexp fscanf fscanf
scanf fscanf sscanf fscanf vfscanf fscanf fauth fsession fsession
fsession  getenv getenv putenv getenv getfcr getfcr getfsr getfcr
setfcr getfcr setfsr getfcr getfields getfields  getmfields  get-
fields setfields getfields tokenize getfields getpid getpid getp-
pid getpid getuser getuser getwd  getwd  Bitmap  graphics  Cursor
graphics  Pconv  graphics Point graphics Rconv graphics Rectangle
graphics bclose graphics berror graphics  bexit  graphics  bflush
graphics  binit  graphics  bneed  graphics  bscreenrect  graphics
bwrite	graphics  charwidth  graphics  clipr  graphics	cursorset
graphics  cursorswitch	graphics ffree graphics graphics graphics
rdfontfile graphics hypot hypot eipconv ip equivip ip ip ip mask-
ip  ip myetheraddr ip myipaddr ip parseether ip parseip ip lalloc
layer layer  layer  lcstring  layer  lfree  layer  ltoback  layer
ltofront  layer  canlock lock lock lock lockinit lock unlock lock
beswab mach beswal mach crackhdr mach mach findseg mach get1 mach
get2  mach  get4  mach	leswab mach leswal mach loadmap mach mach
mach mach machbyname mach machbytype mach newmap mach  put1  mach
put2  mach  put4  setmap  mach unusemap calloc malloc free malloc
malloc malloc realloc malloc memccpy memory memchr memory  memcmp
memory	memcpy	memory memmove memory memory memory memset memory
mktemp mktemp Inf nan NaN nan isInf nan isNaN nan nan nan  csget-
val  ndb  ipattr  ndb ipinfo ndb ndb ndb ndbclose ndb ndbfree ndb
ndbgetval ndb ndbhash ndb ndbopen ndb ndbparse ndb ndbreopen  ndb
ndbsearch  ndb	ndbsnext  ndb atnotify notify noted notify notify
notify isar object nextar object object object objtraverse object
objtype  object  readar  object  readobj object close open create
open open open perror perror syslog  perror  pipe  pipe  plbutton
plbutton plcanvas plbutton plcheckbutton plbutton pledit plbutton
plentry plbutton plframe  plbutton  plgroup  plbutton  plidollist
plbutton   pllabel   plbutton  pllist  plbutton  plmenu  plbutton
plmenubar plbutton plmessage plbutton plpopup plbutton plpulldown
plbutton  plradiobutton  plbutton  plscrollbar	plbutton plslider
plbutton pltextview plbutton Panel  plinit  Rtext  plinit  pldraw
plinit	pleget	plinit	plegetsel plinit plelen plinit plentryval
plinit plepaste plinit	plescroll  plinit  plesel  plinit  plfree
plinit plgetpostextview plinit plgetscroll plinit plgrabkb plinit
plinit plinit plkeyboard  plinit  plmouse  plinit  plmove  plinit
plpack	plinit	plplacelabel  plinit  plrtbitmap  plinit plrtfree
plinit plrtpanel plinit plrtstr plinit plscroll plinit	plsetbut-
ton plinit plsetpostextview plinit plsetscroll plinit plsetslider
plinit plinitbutton plinitbutton plinitcanvas plinitbutton  plin-
itcheckbutton  plinitbutton  plinitedit  plinitbutton plinitentry
plinitbutton plinitframe  plinitbutton	plinitgroup  plinitbutton
plinitidollist	plinitbutton  plinitlabel plinitbutton plinitlist
plinitbutton plinitmenu plinitbutton  plinitmessage  plinitbutton
plinitpopup  plinitbutton  plinitpulldown  plinitbutton plinitra-
diobutton plinitbutton plinitscrollbar plinitbutton  plinitslider
plinitbutton  plinittextview  plinitbutton postnote postnote Str-
conv print doprint print fltconv print	fmtinstall  print  fprint
print  numbconv print print print snprint print sprint print str-
conv print qsort qsort frand rand lnrand rand  lrand  rand  nrand
rand rand rand srand rand read read readn read write read regcomp
regexp regcomplit regexp regcompnl regexp regerror regexp regexec
regexp regexp regexp regsub regexp rregexec regexp rregsub regexp
remove remove rendezvous rendezvous RGB  rgbpix  rdcolmap  rgbpix
rgbpix	rgbpix wrcolmap rgbpix chartorune rune fullrune rune rune
rune runelen rune runetochar rune utflen rune utfrrune	rune  ut-
frune  rune  utfutf  rune seek seek segattach segattach segdetach
segattach  segfree  segattach  segbrk  segbrk  segflush  segflush
longjmp  setjmp  notejmp  setjmp  setjmp setjmp acos sin asin sin
atan sin atan2 sin cos sin sin sin tan sin cosh  sinh  sinh  sinh
tanh  sinh  alarm  sleep sleep sleep dirfstat stat dirfwstat stat
dirstat stat dirwstat stat fstat stat fwstat stat stat stat wstat
stat  strcat  strcat  strchr  strcat  strcmp strcat strcpy strcat
strcspn strcat strdup strcat strlen strcat strncat strcat strncmp
strcat strncpy strcat strpbrk strcat strrchr strcat strspn strcat
strstr strcat strtok strcat mkfont subfalloc  rdsubfontfile  sub-
falloc	subfalloc subfalloc subffree subfalloc wrsubfontfile sub-
falloc file2pc symbol fileelem	symbol	fileline  symbol  filesym
findlocal  findsym  symbol  fnbound  symbol getauto symbol symbol
getsym symbol globalsym symbol line2addr symbol  localsym  symbol
lookup	symbol	pc2line symbol pc2sp symbol symbase symbol symbol
symbol syminit symbol symbol textseg symbol textsym  symbol  time
time tmpfile tmpfile tmpnam tmpfile wait wait

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