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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xltappinitialize (redhat section 3x)

XltAppInitialize(3X)													      XltAppInitialize(3X)

XltAppInitialize - Replacement for XtAppInitialize which uses an XltAppShell instead of an Xt ApplicationShell.
#include <Xlt/AppShell.h> Widget XltAppInitialize(ac, cls, opts, num_opts, argc, argv, fallbacks, a, n) XtAppContext *ac; String cls; XmrOptionDescList opts; Cardinal num_opts; int *argc; char **argv; char *fallbacks; ArgList a; Cardinal n;
XltAppInitialize is a drop-in replacement for XtAppInitialize(3X) which uses an Xlt AppShell widget instead of an Xt ApplicationShell wid- get. The type of shell created is the only difference between this function and XtAppInitialize(3X). Applications which use X11R6 should use XtOpenApplication(3X) which allows you to specify the type of shell widget to create.
The AppShell widget.
XtAppInitialize(3X), XtVaAppInitialize(3X), XtOpenApplication(3X), XtVaOpenApplication(3X). XltAppInitialize(3X)

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