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alloc(3)						     Library Functions Manual							  alloc(3)

alloc - allocate memory
#include <alloc.h> char *alloc(new); void alloc_free(x); void alloc_re(&x,old,new); char *x; unsigned int old; unsigned int new;
alloc allocates enough space from the heap for new bytes of data, adequately aligned for any data type. new may be 0. alloc returns a pointer to the space. If space is not available, alloc returns 0, setting errno appropriately. alloc_free returns space to the heap. alloc_re expands the space allocated to x from old bytes to new bytes. It allocates new space, copies old bytes from the old space to the new space, returns the old space to the heap, and changes x to point to the new space. It then returns 1. If space is not available, alloc_re returns 0, leaving the old space alone.
sbrk(2), malloc(3), error(3) alloc(3)

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