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SETUP(2)			    Linux Programmer's Manual				 SETUP(2)

       setup - setup devices and file systems, mount root file system

       #include <unistd.h>

       _syscall0(int, setup);

       int setup(void);

       setup is called once from within linux/init/main.c.  It calls initialization functions for
       devices and file systems configured into the kernel and then mounts the root file system.

       No user process may call setup.	Any user process, even a process with super-user  permis-
       sion, will receive EPERM.

       setup always returns -1 for a user process.

       EPERM  Always, for a user process.

       This  function is Linux specific, and should not be used in programs intended to be porta-
       ble, or indeed in any programs at all.  Since Linux 2.1.121, no such function exists  any-
       more.  The calling sequence varied: it has had a single parameter void * BIOS and at other
       times a single parameter int magic.

Linux 1.2.9				    1996-05-03					 SETUP(2)
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