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MMAP2(2)			    Linux Programmer's Manual				 MMAP2(2)

       mmap2 - map files or devices into memory

       #include <sys/mman.h>
       #include <syscall.h>

       _syscall6(void *, start, size_t, length, int, prot, int, flags, int, fd, off_t, pgoffset);

       void * mmap2(void *start, size_t length, int prot, int flags, int fd, off_t pgoffset);


       The  function  mmap2  operates  in  exactly the same way as mmap(2), except that the final
       argument specifies the offset into the file in units of the system page size  (instead  of
       bytes).	 This enables applications that use a 32-bit off_t to map larger files (typically
       up to 2^44 bytes).

       The function mmap2 is available since Linux 2.3.31.  It is Linux specific, and  should  be
       avoided	in portable applications.  See also the mmap64() function that is part of the LFS
       (Large File Summit).

       getpagesize(2), mmap(2), mremap(2), msync(2), shm_open(2)

Linux 2.3.31				    2002-01-31					 MMAP2(2)
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