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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xirc2ps_cs (redhat section 4)

XIRC2PS_CS(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						     XIRC2PS_CS(4)

xirc2ps_cs - Xircom CE2ps (and newer) device driver
insmod xirc2ps_cs.o [pc_debug=n] [full_duplex=n] [irq_list=i,j,...] [if_port=n] [lockup_hack=n]
xirc2ps_cs is the low-level Card Services driver for the Xircom 16-bit PCMCIA ethernet adapters. When this driver is attached to a card, it allocates the next available ethernet device.
pc_debug=n Selects the PCMCIA debugging level. This parameter is only available if the module is compiled with debugging enabled. A non-zero value enables debugging. if_port=n Selects the transceiver type, for some CE3B-100 cards that lack the ability to autonegotiate. For such cards, a value of 1 selects 10baseT, and 4 selects 100baseT. full_duplex=n Selects full duplex mode. The default is 0 (half duplex). irq_list=i,j,... Specifies the set of interrupts that may be allocated by this driver. lockup_hack=n Enables a hack to avoid lockups on some cards. Use this only if you really have lockup problems with your card.
cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5).
Please report to <>
Werner Koch <> 1.5 1998/09/15 12:40:59 XIRC2PS_CS(4)

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