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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xcursorgen (redhat section 1)

XCURSORGEN(1)						      General Commands Manual						     XCURSORGEN(1)

xcursorgen - create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images
xcursorgen [config-file] [output-file]
Xcursorgen reads the config-file to find the list of cursor images along with their hotspot and nominal size information. Xcursorgen con- verts all of the images to Xcursor format and writes them to the output-file. Each line in the config file is of the form: <size> <xhot> <yhot> <filename> <ms-delay> Multiple images with the same <size> are used to create animated cursors, the <ms-delay> value on each line indicates how long each image should be displayed before switching to the next. <ms-delay> can be elided for static cursors.
Xcursor(3x) XFree86 Version Version 4.3.0 XCURSORGEN(1)

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