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WMXMMS(1)							 XMMS Manual Pages							 WMXMMS(1)

WMXMMS - a dockable XMMS control applet.
wmxmms [-h] [--help] [-s <session>] [--session=<session>] [-c <command>] [--command=<command>] [-i <icon>] [--icon=<icon>] [-n] [--single] [-t] [--title] [--version]
WMXMMS is a dock applet for the Window Maker window manager. From the applet you can start and control xmms.
wmxmms accepts the following options: -h, --help Show summary of options. -s, --session Select XMMS session (Default: 0). -c, --command Command to start xmms (Default: xmms). -i, --icon Icon to show instead of the default one when xmms is not running. The icon must be in XPM format. -n, --single Start xmms with only a single click (Default: Double click). -t, --title Show the song title when the mouse is in the wmxmms window. -v, --version Print version number and exit.
xmms(1), wmaker(1), gnomexmms(1) Version 1.2.7 9 June 2001 WMXMMS(1)

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