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VORBISCOMMENT(1)						   Vorbis Tools 						  VORBISCOMMENT(1)

vorbiscomment - edits Ogg Vorbis comments
vorbiscomment [-l] file.ogg vorbiscomment -a [ -t "tag=value" ] in.ogg out.ogg vorbiscomment -w in.ogg out.ogg
vorbiscomment reads, modifies, and appends Ogg Vorbis audio file metadata tags.
-a Append comments. -c commentfile Take comments from a file. The file is the same format as is output by the the -l option: one element per line in 'tag=value' for- mat. -h Show command help. -l List the comments in the ogg vorbis file. -q Quiet mode. No messages are displayed. -t 'tag=value' Specify a new tag on the command line. Each tag is given as a single string. The part before the '=' is treated as the tag name and the part after as the value. -w Replace comments with the new set given either on the command line with -t or from a file with -c.
To just see what comment tags are in a file: vorbiscomment -l file.ogg To edit those comments: vorbiscomment -l file.ogg > file.txt [edit the comments in file.txt to your statisfaction] vorbiscomment -w -c file.txt file.ogg newfile.ogg To simply add a comment: vorbiscomment -a -t 'ARTIST=No One You Know' file.ogg newfile.ogg
See for documentation on the Ogg Vorbis tag format, including a suggested list of canonical tag names.
Program Authors: Michael Smith <> Ralph Giles <> Manpage Author: Christopher L Cheney <> Foundation December 24, 2001 VORBISCOMMENT(1)