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       texteroids - test your mousing skills on spinning text

       texteroids [ -display name ][ -fn font ][ -size size ][ text_string ]

       texteroids spins the specified text string in a window.	If you click on the text with the
       mouse, the string splits up into individual letters, each of which you may then click on.

       -display name
	      specifies the display on which to open a connection to the Display PostScript  Sys-
	      tem. If no display is specified, the DISPLAY environment variable is used.

       -fn font
	      specifies the name of the PostScript language font software to use.  The default is

       -size size
	      specifies the size, in points, of the text.  The default is 36.

       -debug specifies debugging mode.  In debugging mode,  all  PostScript  code  sent  to  the
	      server is printed out.

	      specifies  the text to display.  If the text has spaces it must be enclosed in quo-
	      tation marks.  The default text string is "Adobe".

       Adobe Systems Incorporated

       PostScript and Display PostScript are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated  which  may
       be registered in certain jurisdictions.

       Copyright (c) 1990-1994 Adobe Systems Incorporated.  All rights reserved.

XFree86 			      Version Version 4.3.0			    TEXTEROIDS(1)
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