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TEXINDEX(1)				  User Commands 			      TEXINDEX(1)

       texindex - sort Texinfo index files

       texindex [OPTION]... FILE...

       Generate  a  sorted  index  for	each  TeX  output  FILE.  Usually FILE... is specified as
       `foo.??' for a document `foo.texi'.

       -h, --help
	      display this help and exit

       -k, --keep
	      keep temporary files around after processing

	      do not keep temporary files around after processing (default)

       -o, --output FILE
	      send output to FILE

	      display version information and exit

       Email bug reports to bug-texinfo@gnu.org, general questions and	discussion  to	help-tex-
       info@gnu.org.  Texinfo home page: http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/

       Copyright  (C)  2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.  There is NO warranty.  You may redis-
       tribute this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.  For more  infor-
       mation about these matters, see the files named COPYING.

       The  full  documentation  for texindex is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and
       texindex programs are properly installed at your site, the command

	      info texindex

       should give you access to the complete manual.

texindex 4.3				  November 2002 			      TEXINDEX(1)
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