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SMBSTATUS(1)									     SMBSTATUS(1)

       smbstatus - report on current Samba connections

       smbstatus  [  -P ]  [ -b ]  [ -d ]  [ -L ]  [ -p ]  [ -S ]  [ -s <configuration file> ]	[
       -u <username> ]

       This tool is part of the  Samba suite.

       smbstatus is a very simple program to list the current Samba connections.

       -P     If samba has been compiled with the profiling option, print only	the  contents  of
	      the profiling shared memory area.

       -b     gives brief output.

       -d     gives verbose output.

       -L     causes smbstatus to only list locks.

       -p     print a list of  smbd(8) processes and exit.  Useful for scripting.

       -S     causes smbstatus to only list shares.

       -s <configuration file>
	      The  default configuration file name is determined at compile time. The file speci-
	      fied contains the configuration details required by the server. See smb.conf(5)
	       for more information.

       -u <username>
	      selects information relevant to username only.

       This man page is correct for version 2.2 of the Samba suite.

       smbd(8) and smb.conf(5)

       The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew  Tridgell.  Samba
       is  now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux
       kernel is developed.

       The original Samba man pages were written by Karl Auer.	The man page  sources  were  con-
       verted  to  YODL  format  (another  excellent  piece of Open Source software, available at
       ftp://ftp.icce.rug.nl/pub/unix/ <URL:ftp://ftp.icce.rug.nl/pub/unix/>) and updated for the
       Samba  2.0  release by Jeremy Allison. The conversion to DocBook for Samba 2.2 was done by
       Gerald Carter

					 19 November 2002			     SMBSTATUS(1)
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