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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for single2bin (redhat section 1)

MEGATRON(1)			     General Commands Manual			      MEGATRON(1)

       megatron,  unhex,  unbin, unsingle, hqx2bin, single2bin, macbinary - Macintosh file format

       megatron [ sourcefile...  ]

       unbin [ sourcefile...  ]

       unhex [ sourcefile...  ]

       unsingle [ sourcefile...  ]

       hqx2bin [ sourcefile...	]

       single2bin [ sourcefile...  ]

       macbinary [ sourcefile...  ]

       megatron is used to transform files from BinHex, MacBinary, AppleSingle, or netatalk style
       AppleDouble  formats  into  MacBinary or netatalk style AppleDouble formats.  The netatalk
       style AppleDouble format is the file format used by afpd, the netatalk Apple Filing Proto-
       col (AppleShare) server.  BinHex, MacBinary, and AppleSingle are commonly used formats for
       transferring Macintosh files between machines via email or file transfer protocols.  mega-
       tron uses its name to determine what type of tranformation is being asked of it.

       If  megatron is called as unhex, unbin, or unsingle, it tries to convert file(s) from Bin-
       Hex, MacBinary, or AppleSingle into AppleDouble format.	BinHex is the format  most  often
       used  to send Macintosh files by e-mail.  Usually these files have an extension of ".hqx".
       MacBinary is the format most often used by terminal emulators "on the fly" when	transfer-
       ring  Macintosh	files in binary mode.  MacBinary files often have an extension of ".bin".
       Some Macintosh LAN-based email packages use uuencoded AppleSingle format  to  "attach"  or
       "enclose" files in email.  AppleSingle files don't have a standard filename extension.

       If  megatron  is  called  as hqx2bin, single2bin, or macbinary, it will try to convert the
       file(s) from BinHex, AppleSingle, or AppleDouble into MacBinary.   This	last  translation
       may  be	useful in moving Macintosh files from your afpd server to some other machine when
       you can't copy them from the server using a Macintosh for some reason.

       If megatron is called with any other name, it uses the default translation, namely unhex.

       If no source file is given, or if sourcefile is `-', and if the conversion is from a  Bin-
       Hex or MacBinary file, megatron will read from standard input.

       The  filename  used to store any output file is the filename that is encoded in the source
       file.  MacBinary files are created with a ".bin" extension.  In the case of conflicts, the
       old file is overwritten!


netatalk 1.2				    8 Jan 1992				      MEGATRON(1)

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