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SGMLSASP(1)									      SGMLSASP(1)

       sgmlsasp - translate output of sgmls using ASP replacement files

       sgmls [-n] replacement_file...

       sgmlsasp translates the standard input using the specification in replacement_file...  and
       writes the result to the standard output.  The standard input must be in the format output
       by  sgmls.   Each replacement file must be in the format of an Amsterdam SGML parser (ASP)
       replacement file; this format is described in the ASP documentation.   Duplicate  replace-
       ments  are silently ignored.  The -n option disables upper-case substitution (folding) for
       names in replacement files; this option should be used with concrete syntaxes that do  not
       specify	upper-case  substitution  for  general	names (that is, names that are not entity

       References to external data entities are ignored.  (Support for external data entities  is
       not implemented in ASP.)


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