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SGI2TIFF(1)									      SGI2TIFF(1)

       sgi2tiff - create a TIFF file from an SGI image file

       sgi2tiff [ options ] input.rgb output.tif

       sgi2tiff  converts  a file in the SGI image format to TIFF.  By default, the TIFF image is
       created with data samples packed (PlanarConfiguration=1), compressed with the Lempel-Ziv &
       Welch  algorithm  (Compression=5),  and	with  each strip no more than 8 kilobytes.  These
       characteristics can overriden, or explicitly specified with the options described below.

       -c     Specify a compression scheme to use when writing image data: -c none  for  no  com-
	      pression,  -c  packbits  for  the  PackBits compression algorithm), -c jpeg for the
	      baseline JPEG compression algorithm, -c zip for the Deflate compression  algorithm,
	      and -c lzw for Lempel-Ziv & Welch (the default).

       -p     Explicitly  select  the planar configuration used in organizing data samples in the
	      output image: -p contig for samples packed contiguously, and -p separate	for  sam-
	      ples stored separately.  By default samples are packed.

       -r     Write  data  with  a  specified  number of rows per strip; by default the number of
	      rows/strip is selected so that each strip is approximately 8 kilobytes.

       Does not record colormap information.

       tiffinfo(1), tiffcp(1), tiffmedian(1), libtiff(3)

					 October 15, 1995			      SGI2TIFF(1)
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