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SAFE_MYSQLD    (1)								SAFE_MYSQLD    (1)

safe_mysqld - start the mysqld daemon on Unix.
safe_mysqld [--basedir=path] [--core-file-size=#] [--defaults-extra-file=path] [--defaults-file=path] [--open-files=#] [--datadir=path] [--err-log=path] [--ledir=path] [--log=path] [--no-defaults] [--open-files=#] [--pid-file=path] [--port=#] [--socket=path] [--timezone=#] [--user=#]
safe_mysqld adds some safety features such as restarting the server when an error occurs and logging run-time information to a log file. --basedir=path --core-file-size=# --defaults-extra-file=path --defaults-file=path --open-files=# Size of the core file mysqld should be able to create. Passed to ulimit -c. --datadir=path --err-log=path --ledir=path Path to mysqld --log=path --no-defaults --open-files=# Number of files mysqld should be able to open. Passed to ulimit -n. --pid-file=path --port=# --socket=path --timezone=# Set the timezone (the TZ) variable to the value of this parameter. --user=#
Note that all options on the command line to safe_mysqld are passed to mysqld. If you wants to use any options in safe_mysqld that mysqld doesn't support, you must specify these in the option file.
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Ver 1.0, distribution 3.23.29a Michael (Monty) Widenius (, TCX Datakonsult AB ( This software comes with no warranty. Manual page by L. (Kill-9) Pedersen (, Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system developer (http://www.mer- safe_mysqld (mysql) 19 December 2000 SAFE_MYSQLD (1)