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RFCOMM(1)																 RFCOMM(1)

rfcomm - RFCOMM configuration utility
rfcomm [ options ] < command > < dev >
rfcomm is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the RFCOMM configuration of the Bluetooth subsystem in the Linux kernel. If no command is given, or if the option -a is used, rfcomm prints information about the configured RFCOMM devices.
-h Gives a list of possible commands. -a Prints information about all configured RFCOMM devices. -i <hciX> | <bdaddr> The command is applied to device hciX , which must be the name or the address of an installed Bluetooth device. If not specified, the command will be use the first available Bluetooth device.
show <dev> Display the information about the specified device. conn <dev> [bdaddr] [channel] Connect the RFCOMM device to the remote Bluetooth device on the specified channel. If no channel is specified, it will use the chan- nel number 1. If also the Bluetooth address is left out, it tries to read the data from the config file. This command can be termi- nated with the key sequence CTRL-C. bind <dev> [bdaddr] [channel] This binds the RFCOMM device to a remote Bluetooth device. The command did not establish a connection to the remote device, it only creates the binding. The connection will be establish right after an application tries to open the RFCOMM device. release <dev> This command releases a defined RFCOMM binding.
Written by Marcel Holtmann <>. APRIL 28, 2002 RFCOMM(1)