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RFCOMM(1)										RFCOMM(1)

       rfcomm - RFCOMM configuration utility

       rfcomm [ options ] < command > < dev >

       rfcomm  is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the RFCOMM configuration of the Bluetooth
       subsystem in the Linux kernel. If no command is given, or if the option -a is used, rfcomm
       prints information about the configured RFCOMM devices.

       -h     Gives a list of possible commands.

       -a     Prints information about all configured RFCOMM devices.

       -i <hciX> | <bdaddr>
	      The command is applied to device hciX , which must be the name or the address of an
	      installed Bluetooth device. If not specified, the command will  be  use  the  first
	      available Bluetooth device.

       show <dev>
	      Display the information about the specified device.

       conn <dev> [bdaddr] [channel]
	      Connect  the RFCOMM device to the remote Bluetooth device on the specified channel.
	      If no channel is specified, it will use the channel number 1. If also the Bluetooth
	      address  is  left out, it tries to read the data from the config file. This command
	      can be terminated with the key sequence CTRL-C.

       bind <dev> [bdaddr] [channel]
	      This binds the RFCOMM device to a remote Bluetooth  device.  The	command  did  not
	      establish  a connection to the remote device, it only creates the binding. The con-
	      nection will be establish right after an	application  tries  to	open  the  RFCOMM

       release <dev>
	      This command releases a defined RFCOMM binding.

       Written by Marcel Holtmann <marcel@holtmann.org>.

					  APRIL 28, 2002				RFCOMM(1)
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