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QT2KDOC(1)						     KDOC Documentation System							QT2KDOC(1)

qt2kdoc -- Generates cross-reference file suitable for use with KDOC from Qt Toolkit HTML documentation.
qt2kdoc [-u URL] [-o <destdir>] [-z] <path to qt html>
qt2kdoc generates a kdoc(1) cross-reference file from the classes.html file that is included with the Qt GUI Toolkit HTML documentation. The resulting file can be used to cross-reference documentation generated with KDOC for other classes with the Qt HTML documentation.
--url <url>, -u <url> The URL by which the Qt documentation can be accessed. This will allow other libraries to link to the Qt documentation. --outdir <path>, -o <path> The directory where the generated index file will be written. --compress, -z Compress the generated index with gzip. KDOC can read these compressed index files.
qt2kdoc -u "http://www.mydomain/src/qthtml/" \ $HOME/web/src/qthtml
KDOCLIBS If set, it is used as the default output path. It is overridden by the --outdir option.
classes.html, functions.html The files from which information about the Qt library is read. They are parsed by qt2kdoc. qt.kdoc A kdoc(1) cross-reference file that will be generated by qt2kdoc and can be used to link documentation generated by kdoc with the Qt documentation.
This script is a utility for kdoc(1).
Dependent on format of Qt documentation.
Sirtaj S. Kang <>, 1998. 2.0a54 2002-03-18 QT2KDOC(1)