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PR3287(1)										PR3287(1)

       pr3287 - IBM host printing tool

       pr3287 [ options ] [[ LUname [, LUname ...]@] hostname [: port ]]

       pr3287  opens  a  telnet  connection to an IBM host, and emulates an IBM 3287 printer.  It
       implements RFCs 2355 (TN3270E), 1576 (TN3270) and 1646 (LU name selection).

       A specific LU name to use may be specified by prepending it to the hostname with  an  `@'.
       Multiple  LU  names  to	try can be separated by commas.  An empty LU can be placed in the
       list with an extra comma.

       The port to connect to defaults to telnet.  This can be overridden by appending a port  to
       the hostname with a colon `:'.

       pr3287 understands the following options:

       -assoc LUname
	      Causes the session to be associated with the specified LUname.

	      In  LU3  formatted  mode,  print	blank lines even if they are all NULLs or control
	      characters.  (This is a violation of the 3270  printer  protocol,  but  some  hosts
	      require it.)

       -charset name
	      Specifies  an  alternate EBCDIC-to-ASCII mapping.  The default maps the EBCDIC U.S.
	      English character set to ISO 8859-1.  Other built-in character  sets  are  bracket,
	      which  corresponds  to many older IBM hosts' mapping of the [ and ] characters, and
	      the non-U.S. character sets german, finnish, uk, norwegian, french,  icelandic  and
	      belgian.	These correspond to the x3270 character sets of the same names.

	      If name begins with an @, then the balance is intepreted as the name of a file con-
	      taining character mappings.  The file contains whitespace-separated  tokens.   Each
	      token  is a number specifying an EBCDIC code, an = character, and a number specify-
	      ing the 8-bit ASCII character used to print  that  code.	 Blank	lines  and  lines
	      beginning with # are ignored.

	      If  name	begins	with  an =, then the balance is intepreted as a string containing
	      mapping tokens, as in a file.

	      For example, a file defining the uk character set would look like this:

	      # UK character set
	      0x4a=0x24 0x5b=0xa3 0xa1=0xaf
	      0xb0=0xa2 0xb1=0x5b 0xba=0x5e

       -command command
	      Specifies the command to run for each print job.	The default is lpr.

       -crlf  Causes newline characters in the output to be expanded to  carriage-return/linefeed

	      Causes pr3287 to become a daemon (background) process.

	      Ignore  TN3270E PRINT-EOJ commands, relying on UNBIND commands to indicate the ends
	      of print jobs.

	      Causes pr3287 to ignore a FF (formfeed) order if it occurs at the top of a page.

	      In SCS mode, causes pr3287 to pass FF (formfeed) orders through to the  printer  as
	      ASCII  formfeed  characters, rather than simulating them based on the values of the
	      MPL (maximum presentation line) and TM (top margin) parameters.

	      Causes pr3287 to reconnect to the host, whenever the connection is  broken.   There
	      is  a  5-second  delay  between reconnect attempts, to reduce network thrashing for
	      down or misconfigured hosts.

       -trace Turns  on  data  stream  tracing.   Trace  information  is  saved   in   the   file

       x3270(1), telnet(1), tn3270(1)
       Data Stream Programmer's Reference, IBM GA23-0059
       Character Set Reference, IBM GA27-3831
       3174 Establishment Controller Functional Description, IBM GA23-0218
       RFC 1576, TN3270 Current Practices
       RFC 1646, TN3270 Extensions for LUname and Printer Selection
       RFC 2355, TN3270 Enhancements

       Modifications Copyright 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 ,by Paul Mattes.
       Original X11 Port Copyright 1990 by Jeff Sparkes.
	      Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation
	      for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided that	the  above  copy-
	      right notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright notice and this per-
	      mission notice appear in supporting documentation.
       Copyright 1989 by Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Atlanta, GA 30332.
	      All Rights Reserved.  GTRC hereby grants public use of this  software.   Derivative
	      works based on this software must incorporate this copyright notice.

       pr3287 3.2.19beta

					  29 April 2002 				PR3287(1)
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