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PK2BM(1)						      General Commands Manual							  PK2BM(1)

pk2bm - create a bitmap from a TeX pkfont
: pk2bm [-bh] [-Wwidth] [-Hheight] -cchar pkfont pk2bm [-bh] [-Wwidth] [-Hheight] -ooctchar pkfont
This program generates a bitmap (ASCII file) which can be used to create X11 applications. The bitmap file consists of all pixels of the specified character (via the -c or -o option) from the given pkfont. The format is described in bitmap(X11). The pkfont is a packed fontfile generated by gftopk(TeX) from a gffont. A gffont is the output of METAFONT a program to design fonts in a device independant way. With the -b flag a bitmap is generated in which all black pixels are drawn as a `*' and all white bits as a `.'. With the -h flag a hexa- decimal bitmap dump is generated. The -W and/or -H options can be used to create a bitmap of respectivally `width' and `height' pixels. The pk-bitmap will in this case be centered according to these new dimensions. The output is written to the standard output.
`METAFONT', Donald Knuth. `The PKtype processor', belonging to the METAFONTware. bitmap(X11), gftopk(TeX), pktype(TeX), ps2pk(1)
Piet Tutelaers TeX PK2BM(1)