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PERROR(1)										PERROR(1)

       perror can be used to display a description for a system error code, or an MyISAM/ISAM ta-
       ble handler error code. The error messages are mostly system dependent.

       perror [OPTIONS] [ERRORCODE [ERRORCODE...]]

       perror [-?|--help] [-I|--info] [-s|--silent] [-v|--verbose] [-V|--version]

	      Displays this help and exits.

	      Synonym for the above.

	      Only print the error message

	      Print error code and message (default).

	      Displays version information and exits.

       shell> perror 64 79 Error code  64:  Machine is not on the network Error  code	79:   Can
       not access a needed shared library

       isamchk	(1),  isamlog  (1),  mysqlaccess  (1),	mysqladmin (1), mysqlbug (1), mysqld (1),
       mysqldump (1), mysqlshow (1), msql2mysql (1), perror (1), replace  (1),	safe_mysqld  (1),
       which1 (1), zap (1),

       Ver 1.0, distribution 3.23.29a Michael (Monty) Widenius (monty@tcx.se), TCX Datakonsult AB
       (http://www.tcx.se).  This software comes with no warranty.  Manual page  by  L.  (Kill-9)
       Pedersen   (kill-9@kill-9.dk),	Mercurmedia  Data  Model  Architect  /	system	developer

					 19 December 2000				PERROR(1)
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