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PERLBEOS(1)			 Perl Programmers Reference Guide		      PERLBEOS(1)

       README.beos - Perl version 5 on BeOS

       Notes for building Perl under BeOS.

       General Issues with Perl on BeOS

       To compile perl under BeOS R4 x86:

	       ./Configure -d

       and hit ^C when it asks you if you want to make changes to config.sh; edit config.sh and
       do the following: change d_socket='define' to ='undef'; remove SDBM, Errno, and Socket
       from dynamic_ext= and nonxs_ext=; add '#define bool short' to x2p/a2p.h;

	       ../Configure -S; make; make install

	       cd ~/config/lib; ln -s 5.00502/BeOS-BePC/CORE/libperl.so .

       (substitute 5.00502 with the appropriate filename)

       BeOS Release-specific Notes

       R4 x86
	   Dynamic loading finally works! Yay! This means you can compile your own modules into
	   perl. However, Sockets and Errno still don't work.  (Hopefully, sockets will at least
	   work by R5, if not sooner.)

       R4 PPC
	   I have not tested this. I rather severely doubt that dynamic loading will work. (My
	   BeBox is in pieces right now, following a nasty disk crash.) You may have to disable
	   dynamic loading to get the thing to compile at all. (use `./Configure` without -d, and
	   say 'no' to 'Build a shared libperl.so'.)

       Contact Information

       If you have comments, problem reports, or even patches or bugfixes (gasp!)  please email

       28 Jan 1999 Tom Spindler dogcow@isi.net

       Update 2002-05-30

       The following tests fail on 5.8.0 Perl in BeOS Personal 5.03:

	t/op/lfs............................FAILED at test 17
	t/op/magic..........................FAILED at test 24
	ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs..................FAILED at test 17
	ext/File/Glob/t/basic...............FAILED at test 3
	ext/POSIX/t/sigaction...............FAILED at test 13
	ext/POSIX/t/waitpid.................FAILED at test 1

       The reasons for the failures are as follows:

       o   The t/op/lfs and ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs failures indicate that the LFS (large file sup-
	   port, files larger than 2 gigabytes) doesn't work from Perl (BeFS itself is well capa-
	   ble of supporting large files).  What fails is that trying to position the file
	   pointer past 2 gigabytes doesn't work right, the position gets truncated to its lower
	   32 bits.

       o   The op/magic failures look like something funny going on with $0 and $^X that I can't
	   now figure out: none of the generated pathnames are wrong as such, they just seem to
	   accumulate "./" prefixes and infixes in ways that define logic.

       o   The Glob/t/basic indicates a bug in the getpw*() functions: they do not always return
	   the correct user db entries.

       o   The sigaction #13 means that signal mask doesn't get properly restored if sigaction
	   returns early.

       o   The waitpid failure means that after there are no more child processes, waitpid is
	   supposed to start returning -1 (and set errno to ECHILD).  In BeOS, it doesn't seem

       Disclaimer: I just installed BeOS Personal Edition 5.0 and the Developer Tools, that is
       the whole extent of my BeOS expertise, so please don't ask me for further help in BeOS
       Perl problems.


perl v5.8.0				    2003-02-18				      PERLBEOS(1)

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