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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pcl3opts (redhat section 1)

PCL3OPTS(1)			     General Commands Manual			      PCL3OPTS(1)

       pcl3opts -- determine options for the ghostscript driver pcl3 from a PCL-3+ file

       pcl3opts [-o output_file]  [input_file ...]

       The  command pcl3opts is intended to help in determining which options one should use when
       calling ghostscript using pcl3 for driving a PCL-3+ printer.  It analyzes one or more  PCL
       input_files  and  issues  on the output_file its best guess as to which options one should
       specify in order to produce files using a similar configuration.  The default  output_file
       is  standard  output.   If  no  input_files are specified, the command reads from standard

       This command is mostly of interest if you have access to PCL files generated  by  software
       provided  by  the  printer's manufacturer, for example if you have a manufacturer-supplied
       Microsoft Windows driver for your printer.  In that case you  can  generate  a  few  files
       under Windows using different settings and let pcl3opts examine them.

       Note  that pcl3opts cannot guarantee that the collection of options it proposes leads to a
       file which is understood by the printer.  It can merely provide a best guess.

       In addition, some settings require interpretation of the page contents in order	to  prop-
       erly  translate	them into options for pcl3 and some cannot reliably be derived from a PCL
       file at all.  Finding good values for these parameters is beyond pcl3opts's  capabilities.
       This  includes  LeadingEdge,  SendBlackLast, Tumble and the distinction between the colour
       models CMY+K and CMYK.


       Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 by Martin Lottermoser, GreifswaldstraBe 28,  38124  Braunschweig,
       Germany.  E-mail: Martin.Lottermoser@t-online.de.

       Version of this reference page: $Revision: 1.10 $ ($Date: 2001/02/10 17:01:06 $).

pcl3 3.2									      PCL3OPTS(1)

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