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NWPURGE(1)				     nwpurge				       NWPURGE(1)

       nwpurge - Permanently delete previously erased files

       nwpurge [ -h ] [ -a ] [ -l ] [ -s ] [ directory ]

       nwpurge purges files from specified NetWare directory.

	  -h is used to print out a short help text.

	  -a  is  used	to specify that not only specified directory, but also its subdirectories
	  have to be purged.

	  -l is used to disable purge. Files are only printed out.

	  -s specifies silent mode (no print output, only total is printed).

	  You can specify the directory in which you want to purge files. Current working  direc-
	  tory	is used by default. You have to specify path in Linux format, not in NetWare for-

       nwpurge -a /NetWare/server/sys

       With this example, all files from directory /NetWare/server/sys and from all its subdirec-
       tories are purged.

       nwpurge	was written by Petr Vandrovec with the corresponding NetWare utility in mind. See
       the Changes file of ncpfs for other contributors.

nwpurge 				     4/2/1998				       NWPURGE(1)
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