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NWFSINFO(1)				     nwfsinfo				      NWFSINFO(1)

       nwfsinfo - Print some information about the file server

       nwfsinfo [-h] [-S server] [-t] [-i] [-d] [-e]

       nwfsinfo  prints  some  of the information the NetWare servers present without logging in.
       The options control what is printed. You should try the different options to find out what
       is printed when.

	  With -h nwfsinfo prints a little help text.

       -S server
	  is the name of the server you want to know something about.

	  Print what the file server believes to be the current time.

	  Print the so-called file server description strings.

	  Print the extended file server information such as NetWare version, maximum connections
	  an others.

	  List informations about NCP extensions loaded on server.

       Description strings contain garbage on some Netware versions.

       This utility was originally written by Volker Lendecke.

nwfsinfo				    07/22/1996				      NWFSINFO(1)
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