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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for nntpget (redhat section 1)

NNTPGET(1)			     General Commands Manual			       NNTPGET(1)

       nntpget - get Usenet articles from a remote NNTP server

       nntpget	[  -d dist ] [ -f file ] [ -n newsgroups ] [ -t timestring ] [ -o ] [ -u file ] [
       -v ] host

       Nntpget connects to the NNTP server at the specified host and retrieves articles from  it.
       The  Message-ID's  of  the desired articles are read from standard input. The articles are
       sent to standard output.

       -o     The ``-o'' option may be used only if the command is executed on the host where the
	      innd(8)  server is running.  If this option is used, nntpget connects to the speci-
	      fied remote host to retrieve articles.  Any article not present in the  local  his-
	      tory database is then fetched from the remote site and offered to the local server.

       -v     If  the  ``-v''  option  is used with the ``-o'' option then the Message-ID of each
	      article will be sent to standard output as it is processed.

       -f     The list of article Message-ID's is normally read  from  standard  input.   If  the
	      ``-f''  option is used, then a ``newnews'' command is used to retrieve all articles
	      newer then the modification date of the specified file.

       -u     The ``-u'' option is the same except that if the transfer succeeded, the file  will
	      be  updated  with a statistics line, modifying its timestamp so that it can be used
	      in later invocations.

       -t     If the ``-t'' option is used, then the specified timestring is used as the time and
	      date parameter to the ``newnews'' command.

       -n     If either the ``-t'' or ``-f'' options are used, then the ``-n'' option may be used
	      to specify a newsgroup list. The default is ``*''.

       -d     The ``-d'' option may be used to specify a distribution list when using the  ``-t''
	      or ``-f'' options.  The default is no distribution list.

       Written	by  Rich $alz <rsalz@uunet.uu.net> for InterNetNews.  This is revision 1.2, dated



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