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man page for mysql_zap

ZAP(1)							      General Commands Manual							    ZAP(1)

zap - a perl script used to kill processes USAGE
/usr/bin/mysql_zap [-signal] [-?Ift] pattern SYNOPSIS
zap [-I|-?] [-f] [-t] DESCRIPTION
zap supports by executing -I|-? info -f force -t test NOTE
If -f isn't given, ask user for confirmation for each process to kill. If signal isn't given, try first with signal 15 and after that with signal 9. If -t is given the processes is only shown on stdout. SEE ALSO
isamchk (1), isamlog (1), mysqlaccess (1), mysqladmin (1), mysqlbug (1), mysqld (1), mysqldump (1), mysqlshow (1), msql2mysql (1), perror (1), replace (1), safe_mysqld (1), which1 (1), zap (1), AUTHOR
Ver 1.0, distribution 3.23.29a Michael (Monty) Widenius (, TCX Datakonsult AB ( This software comes with no warranty. Manual page by L. (Kill-9) Pedersen (, Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system developer (http://www.mercurme- 20 December 2000 ZAP(1)

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