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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for mysql (redhat section 1)

MYSQL(1)			     General Commands Manual				 MYSQL(1)

       mysql - text-based client for mysqld, a SQL-based relational database daemon

       mysql   [-B|--batch]   [-#|--debug=   logfile]	[-T|--debug-info]   [-e|--exec=  command]
       [-f|--force]  [-?|--help]  [-h|--host=  hostname]  [-n|--unbuffered]  [-p[pwd]]	 [--pass-
       word=[pwd]]  [-P|--port=  pnum]	[-q|--quick] [-r|--raw] [-s|--silent] [-S|--socket= snum]
       [-u|--user= uname] [-v|--verbose] [-V|--version] [-w|--wait]

       The mysql program provides a curses-based interface to the SQL-based database server  dae-
       mon, mysqld(1).	Full fuller documentation, refer to the HTML documents installed with the

	      Print results with a tab as separator, each row on a new line.

	      Employ the specified debug log.

	      Print debug information upon exiting.

       -e | --exec=command
	      Execute the specified command and quit (--batch is implicit).

	      Continue even if the face of a SQL error.

	      Display a help message and exit.

	      Connect to the specified host.

	      Flush the buffer after each query.

	      Employ the specified password when connecting to the database server.  If  a  pass-
	      word is not supplied, it will be requested interactively.

	      Employ the specified port number for connecting to the database server.

	      Do not cache the result; print it row by row.  This may slow down the server if the
	      output is suspended.

	      Write fields without conversion.	(used with --batch).

	      Silent mode: reduce the amount of output.

	      Employ the specified socket file for connecting to the database server.

	      Employ the specified user name for logging in to the server.

	      Verbose mode: write more Specifying this option twice  produces  a  tabular  output

	      Print the mysql version number and exit.

	      Wait and retry if the database server connection is down.

       /depot/bin/mysql      executable

       /depot/bin/mysqld     executable

			     executable shell script for starting mysqld safely

       /site/var/mysql/data  location of database files

       You can also read a backup dump file back into MySQL with:

       mysql  database < backup-file.sql

       isamchk	(1),  isamlog  (1),  mysqlaccess  (1),	mysqladmin (1), mysqlbug (1), mysqld (1),
       mysqldump (1), mysqlshow (1), msql2mysql (1), perror (1), replace  (1),	safe_mysqld  (1),
       which1 (1), zap (1),

       Ver  6.3, distribution 3.20.20 Michael (Monty) Widenius (monty@tcx.se), TCX Datakonsult AB
       (http://www.tcx.se).  This software comes with no warranty.   Manual  page  by  R.  P.  C.
       Rodgers,  Lister  Hill National Center for Biomedical Communication, U.S. National Library
       of Medicine (rodgers@nlm.nih.gov).

					   13 June 1997 				 MYSQL(1)

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