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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for mkoctfile (redhat section 1)

MKOCTFILE(1)						      General Commands Manual						      MKOCTFILE(1)

mkoctfile - Compile dynamic-load modules for GNU Octave
mkoctfile [-IDIR] [-DDEF] [-lLIB] [-LDIR] [-M|--depend] [-c] [-o FILE|--output FILE] [-p VAR|--print VAR] [-s|--strip] [-v|--ver- bose] [-h|-?|--help] file ...
mkoctfile is used to compile source C, C++ or Fortran source code in dynamically loadble file for octave(1).
mkoctfile accepts the following options: -IDIR Add include directory DIR to compile commands. -DDEF Add definition DEF to compiler call. -lLIB Add library LIB to link command. -LDIR Add library directory DIR to link command. -M|--depend Generate dependency files (.d) for C and C++ source files. -c Compile but do not link. -o FILE|--output FILE Output file name; default extension is .oct. -p VAR|--print VAR Print configuration variable VAR. Recognized variables are: CPPFLAGS CPICFLAG INCFLAGS CXX F2C CXXFLAGS F2CFLAGS CXXPICFLAG F77 XTRA_CFLAGS FFLAGS XTRA_CXXFLAGS FPICFLAG SHLEXT CC SH_LD CFLAGS SH_LDFLAGS -s|--strip Strip the output file. -v|--verbose Echo commands as they are executed. file Compile or linke file. Recognised file types are .c C source .cc C++ source .C C++ source .cpp C++ source .f Fortran source .F Fortran source .o object file .SH SEE ALSO .BR octave (1).
John W. Eaton <> This manual page was contributed by Dirk Eddelbuettel <> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution but may be used by others. GNU Octave 1 November 2002 MKOCTFILE(1)