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       mkfontscale - create an index of scalable font files for X

       mkfontscale [ -e encoding ] ... [ -f fuzz ] [ -- ] [ directory ] ...

       For  each  directory  argument,	mkfontscale  reads  all of the scalable font files in the
       directory.  For every font file found, an X11 font name (XLFD) is generated, and is  writ-
       ten together with the file name to a file fonts.scale in the directory.

       The resulting fonts.scale file should be checked and possibly manually edited before being
       used as input for the mkfontdir(1) program.

       -e encoding
	      add encoding to the list of encodings searched for.

       -f fuzz
	      set the fraction of characters that may be missing in large encodings to fuzz  per-
	      cent.  Defaults to 2%.

       --     end of options.

       X(7x), Xserver(1), mkfontdir(1), ttmkfdir(1), xfs(1), xset(1)

       Mkfontscale will overwrite any fonts.scale file even if it has been hand-edited.

       Mkfontscale  was  written by Juliusz Chroboczek <jch@xfree86.org> for the XFree86 project.
       The functionality of this program was inspired by the ttmkfdir utility by Joerg Pommnitz.

XFree86 			      Version Version 4.3.0			   MKFONTSCALE(1)
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